Membership Program

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Membership Pricing

Things to


  1. Due to high demand we have a set number of membership spots because we do not want to over populate the gym.
  2. Membership price may vary as we get closer to filling up all the slots. Secure your spot and lock in a low monthly rate while it lasts.
  3. Peak hours are 5pm-7pm due to group training classes please try to avoid these times if you can.
  4. All equipment must be wiped and put in its original spot after use.
  5. No guest or buddy passes allowed, if you have a friend that would like to try out the gym contact management for permission.

Nutrition Plan

During The Onboarding Process We Discover Your Body Goals And Help Design A Diet Plan To Meet Your Target

Enjoy A Safe, CleaWe Educate You On How To Track Your Daily Calorie Intake And How To Calculate Your Macronutrientsan And Fun Environment Where Only Women Would Have Access To Train Alone

We Help Track Your Diet By Using MyFitnesspal Which Is Integrated With The NOW App. Our Trainers Will Be Able To Track Your Daily Diet Alongside You. Making Sure You Stay On Track Towards Your Fitness Goals

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